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 1. Type of Business
  Panel/Module Manufacturer   Components Manufacturer   Production Equipment Manufacturer
  Materials Manufacturer   Other Related Equipment Manufacturer   Laboratory/Research Institute
  Trading Company/Agent   Panel User/Set Manufacturer   Others
 2. Job Title
  Manager/Assitant Manager   Employee   Director/General Manager
  President/CEO/VP   Others
 3. Job Function
  R&D   Production Enfineering   Design
  Sales   Purchasing/Supplies   Production Control
  Qualoty Control/Insprection   Management   Marketing
  Product Planning   Others
 4. Purpose of Visit
  Information Collection   Market/New Product Survey   General Interest
  Purchase Negociation   Others
 5. Field of interest -1
  LCD   3D   OLED
  Applied products   Others
 6. Field of interest-2
  Panel/Module   Manufacturing Equipment   Materials
  Components   Test/Repair/Measuring Equipment   Others
 7. How did you get to know this exhibition?
  Internet   Newspaper and Magazines   Exhibitor
  Friends or Colleagues   E-mail or direct mail from organizer   IMID Website
  E-mail or direct mail from other organization   Others